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Frequently Asked Questions on Turkish Citizenship

There are two routes to apply for Turkey Citizenship and to earn your Turkish passport. The first   is through a real estate investment in Turkey of a minimum of $250,000 US and the second is by investing $500,000 US into a Turkish Bank savings account. Both must be maintained for a minimum of three years.

Either $250,000 US if investing in Real Estate or $500,000 US if putting money into a Turkish Bank savings Account. There are few additional fees such as land transfer tax, VAT and Government fees.

There are many benefits to becoming a Turkish citizen including visa free travel to 111 countries, the ability to live and work in an economically strong country with a lot of opportunity, as well as have access to free health care and education.

There are 111 countries that you can currently travel visa free with a Turkish passport. These include  Japan, Singapore as well as other key countries in South America, Asia and Africa.

Under this Turkish citizenship by investment program through real estate investment, a Spouse and Children under the age of 18 can apply. Dependent children that are older can be considered on a case by case basis but may only receive permanent residency. With the bank deposit scheme, Spouse and children can be included and in addition a second wife may also apply.

Yes, you may purchase multiple properties providing that in total they are valued at over $250,000 US.

Yes you can, but the value must be worth a minimum of $250,000 US per applicant.

The main applicant will need to travel to Turkey at least once for biometric and identification purposes. For those purchasing real estate, they may need to travel twice if they want to see the real estate they are purchasing first hand.

Yes, you can. Our recommendation however would be due to the buoyancy and strength of the Istanbul real estate market, to focus your search there.

We have in house real estate experts that can help you with the purchase of your property, we have several contacts with top developers and can ensure that your purchase is a good buy.

It will take around six months, the bank deposit scheme can be quicker and may take as little as three months.

Currently the only restriction is on Syrian nationalities who can only apply through the bank deposit scheme. All other nationalities can apply either through the Bank deposit or real estate investment.

No, you are not required to live there, in fact there are no requirements for the main applicant or any dependents to reside in Turkey for any period of time. In addition you are not expected to give up you existing nationality, so dual nationality is permitted.


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